Profumo di Sole is a proposal for fresh, innovative, lightweight, and full of energy, lively, dynamic and full of ideas, proposals, projects, the cultural different, but harmoniously integrated, which feed from the ideas continue that they, themselves, the projects they can produce. It is an innovation and is a challenge. Offers a new perspective in a space that is animated, colorful, pleasant, fresh, delicate, and gratifying. And in this space you can find a balance between the mind and the body through the small gestures, the ones that have always accompanied our days and how to eat, read, listen to, talk with friends, to become curious, to try something new, experience a taste, or a curiosity.

The scent of the Sun is a dream come true, a dream of people who believed in us and the passion they have "created".

The scent of Sun paints your day with the flavors and aromas. The energy of the fruit in the morning, the balance of the meal plant, the taste of the nutritious snack, the whim of a dinner different.

And to feed your mind and your heart and read the poem of the day, he looks at the photo, contemplating the works on display, surprise yourself with some trivia, listen to some music and relax.

If you must leave your mind or your request, a food or beverage that you would like to try a fruit that you would like to know, a poem that you'd like to find tomorrow, a book that would read, your tips.

The scent of Sun gives you all this and discover what else it can offer you, but you, unleash your curiosity and suggest your ideas.





We are open from Monday to Thursday


Friday and Saturday

from 8.00 onwards for dinner

Dinner mid-week on a reservation to be made the previous day.

The day of closing



The Scent Of The Sun


Via L'aquila, 18/20

65121 Pescara

P. Iva 01963760689

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